White Angelic Pyramid Earrings, Crown Chakra Metaphysical Art - "On the Wings of Angels"

$ 25.00

These are beautiful handmade white and violet pyramid earrings in the Reiki-inspired collection of metaphysical art by Primal Painter. They can be used for their uplifting energy and color therapy or as a flashy fashion statement.

The artwork on the pendant is a miniature print called "On the Wings of Angels" from my chakra art series of digital paintings. It's professionally printed and has a very bold, bright, and flashy look when the light hits it just right, and even in low light, it has an ethereal glow that catches the eye.

All of my art has a meaning and symbolism:

"On the Wings of Angels" - I created this image after so many innocent souls lost their lives in the shooting at Sandy Hook. The crown chakra located at the top of the head, is centered around our connection to the Source and our spirituality. This image represents the angelic realm with the message that after death, there is life. The Soul continues to exist in a higher, lighter vibration of pure light, love, and energy. This image is dedicated to all the Souls who have been guided from this earth "On the Wings of Angels". See the full-sized image HERE

If you resonate with "On the Wings of Angels", it's available in a variety of forms, and if you don't see what you want, I can make one for you, but it would take up to two weeks for you to receive it.

Energy is fluid and can be adapted to your own intentions and affirmations which can make this a potentially effective manifestation tool in combination with visualization, pure intentions, and positive actions. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of goosebumps, vibrations, or a lift in mood.

Size: It measures 1" wide at the base and 1 1/4" tall, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Ear Wires: Bronze-colored patterned brass ear wires match the setting nicely.

Setting: Sturdy pyramid-shaped antique bronze finished brass metal with an interesting spiraling flower design that's pretty and feminine.

Image: The print itself measures about 1/2", has a flashy finish, and is enhanced by a magnifying clear glass dome.

It will be mailed in a jewelry box through USPS First Class Mail within three business days.

International Orders: Some countries might have to pay additional customs or import fees upon receipt, so you might want to check into that so there aren't any unpleasant surprises.

My hope is that the right person will find this pendant at the right time and it will have a positive effect in every way.

All artwork and photos are the intellectual property of Laurie Bain Hamilton (Primalpainter) with all rights reserved. Downloading for reproduction, reselling, and digital alterations are prohibited but sharing is encouraged with credit given to Primal Painter as the artist. Use this link: https://www.primalpainter.com

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