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Angels, Abstracts, Fairies, Goddesses, Celestial Art by Primal Painter

About Me

My name is Laurie, better known as Primal Painter, creator of Lightworker Energy Art. I get some raised eyebrows when I tell people my business name, but it fits, what can I say!

My creative process is intuitive and comes from a place that taps into the light and energy of the primal Source....I never know what's going to emerge, but what I do know is that people seem to feel the healing vibes and energy emanating from my work. That's a good thing!!!! I get goosebumps when I get that kind of feedback, it means I'm on the right path.

What you'll find here are reiki infused energy art prints of angels, goddesses, healers, abstract art, and chakra jewelry. I do all the photography, digital painting, designing, airbrushing, painting, woodworking, and jewelry making myself.

If you have a few minutes, check out my shop. Read the description, look at the image and see how it makes you feel. If you feel goosebumps, you have no choice but to buy it right now!! If it gives you a noticeably higher energy in any way, then this type of artwork might be just what you need. If you're here, chances are you're finding just the right thing at just the right time.

Here are a few facts about me, in case you're interested. I have an advanced reiki degree, but I'm not a reiki master. I practice all kinds of energy work and try to infuse those qualities into my energy art, focusing on reiki healing energy.

Reiki is the practice of connecting with the Source and channeling light and healing energy into the recipient who can then direct that light to wherever they need it the most...and always for the highest good of all.

I live in the country and am surrounded by a gajillion pets, wildlife, and flowers. I crave the sun. I have to be creative and original or I get tangled up in knots. I've always been able to feel vibrations in my hands when I hold things. I've always been intuitive and empathic...it's easy for me to feel what someone else is feeling. I'm way into fantasy books and movies. I'm an artsy, spiritual farm girl type with hippie tendencies.

I'm all about the energy.... My diabolical plot is to spread light and love into the world by channeling healing energy and intentions into my art. I consider the people who buy my art to be fellow lightworkers, we all play our part in spreading a network of light into the world.

At the risk of sounding corny, my sincere hope is that my art will have an uplifting and positive effect on the body, mind, and soul for myself, for others and for the planet.

(May the right person find my artwork at just the right time and experience positive effects in every way.)

With Love and Light,