Third Eye Art Large Wall Hanging, Purple Tapestry Angel Art - "The Seer"

$ 75.00

"The Seer" is a large fleece tapestry in the angel collection of chakra energy art by Primal Painter. It would look amazing and uplift the energy in any room in the home, office, wellness center or meditation space. The soft fleece fabric would also work well as a lightweight couch blanket or Reiki throw for your clients that's infused with positive energy, color therapy, and meaning.  It's ordered just for you and takes 3-4 weeks to receive, but it's worth the wait for a unique, limited-edition piece of versatile art in a world of mass production. 

All of my art has meaning and symbolism. "The Seer" lives in the subconscious world of dreams where guidance and inspiration swirl in a sea of abstract colors, patterns and imagery. Predominantly blue/ indigo/purple, she represents the third eye, or sixth chakra which governs our intuition. "The Seer" helps us enhance our intuition and tune into subtle vibrations which can help with decision making, life choices, and inner guidance in all things.

If you resonate with "The Seer" and its message, it's available in a variety of forms

On my computer monitor, "The Seer" looks reddish purple, but in person, this tapestry appears as a deep, rich blue/violet indigo color and is very pretty! Computer monitors vary in how they translate colors.

Dimensions: Available in sizes 40" x 50", 50" x 60", and 56" x 80". "The Seer" is a vertical orientation. These sizes are large so it's important to measure your space not only for the appropriate size but also to see if your space will work with a vertical or horizontal placed tapestry. Send me a message if you need a horizontal format, and I might be able to do some editing to make it work.

**For some perspective on the size illustrated in the photo, the couch measures about 7 feet long, and the ceiling is 10 feet high. You would need a big wall for any of the available sizes.

Material: Lightweight, smooth, soft washable fleece with a gentle sheen and easy to hang with thumbtacks. The weight makes it drape nicely with no wrinkles or distortions. Wash alone on a short, gentle, cold-water cycle and air dry to extend the vibrancy of the colors and fabric.  

Professionally printed with brilliant sharp colors and a narrow black border sewn around the edge for a finished look. The back is white.

Because these are professionally printed and custom-ordered just for you, it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

International Orders: If you're from a country other than the US please be in touch so I can look up the shipping price for you. It can be expensive to ship internationally, so we should check out the shipping costs beforehand. It might be six weeks or longer before you receive it. Also, be aware of any import fees or duties for your country.


All of my art is available in a variety of forms: Photo PrintsChakra JewelryGreeting CardsStretched Canvas PrintsBlankets and PIllowsArea Rugs and Bath MatsWall ClocksShower CurtainsPendulums, and Night Lights If your favorite image isn't listed in the form you want such as a throw pillow, tell me the title or link to the image, the product you're interested in, and I'll work up an example. Contact Me

When I create my art and when I wrote my illustrated autobiography, The Attack: From Shattered to Whole, I not only experience an energy shift within myself, but I also set my intention that there will be an uplifting impact on viewers and the planet. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, or a lift in mood, and my hope is that my art and words will have positive effects on the body, mind, and soul.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch.  Contact Me

See all of my visionary art, home decor, and jewelry:  Primal Painter.

Note: Primal Painter is the only authorized seller of this artwork in any form. It's copyright protected with all rights reserved by Laurie Bain Hamilton. Downloading for reselling, reproduction, or digital altering is prohibited and enforced. 

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