"The Violet Flame", Abstract Reiki-Inspired Visionary Art by Primal Painter

$ 20.00
Violet Flame digital artwork with a violet flame burning in the center of a goblet and surrounded by greens, pinks, and orange patterns.

"The Violet Flame" is an abstract art print in my Reiki-inspired line of visionary art and would be an uplifting addition to a Reiki room, yoga studio, meditation or healing space, or any room in the house or office that could benefit from the color therapy and energetic qualities of metaphysical art. 

 "The Violet Flame" - As an energy healing tool, this image symbolizes the violet flame where old undesirable energy and trauma can be discarded, released, and transmuted into positive energy through visualization, forgiveness, and intention. The violet flame is also called the flame of transmutation, freedom, and forgiveness.

8" x 10" size is available now but larger sizes are ordered and can take up to three weeks to receive.

Paper: Professionally printed on high-quality paper with deep and vibrant colors.

Shipped through USPS

Those who are sensitive to energy might feel a tingling or vibration, or a lift in mood and well-being.

My hope is that the right person will find this at the right time and it will have a positive effect in every way.

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Don't hesitate to be in touch if there are any questions.

All artwork, imagery, and image-specific wording are the intellectual property of Laurie Bain Hamilton (Primalpainter) and are copyright protected by the United States Copyright Office. Resale, reproduction, and reuse in any form or version including digital downloads is prohibited. Sharing on social media and websites is encouraged with credit given to Laurie Bain along with this link: https://www.primalpainter.com

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