Blue Green Abstract Art Shower Curtain, Water Themed Bathroom Decor - "Under the Sea"

$ 49.00

A beautiful, waterproof shower curtain featuring the blue and green abstract art of Primal Primal entitled "Under the Sea" is a unique way to update and uplift any bathroom decor. This unique shower curtain is professionally printed with sharp, vibrant detail and vivid tones of blues and greens in a flowing, underwater pattern. It's white on the back, has 12 steel reinforced holes for rings (white plastic rings included, but they're not my favorite) and is available in a variety of sizes. The polyester fabric is smooth to the touch with a flowing soft drape and a hemmed edge, plus it's waterproof so no need for a plastic liner. To extend the lifetime, it's recommended to spot clean with a damp rag (no chemicals) and avoid putting it in the dryer. Wrinkles from being folded, as seen in the photos, go away eventually but to speed up the process, it's recommended to get it soaking wet and hang to dry.  It's custom-ordered and made just for you, shipped directly from the printer, and takes 21-30 days to produce and receive, usually closer to 21 days. It's worth the wait to own a limited-edition artsy shower curtain. 

To complete the bathroom makeover, a matching bathmat would be a perfect accent, and thinking outside the box, the nice drape of the polyester fabric would also make a lovely, translucent window curtain that casts a soft glow of color through the room or even as a wall tapestry. Let me know if you'd like to custom order a bathmat. 

All of my artwork is infused with symbolism and positive energy. 
"Under the Sea" - The subconscious is like a vast ocean and under the surface, every detail of every minute of our lives is recorded in its entirety. If we find ourselves engaged in self-destructive behavior or dysfunction, it can be helpful to delve into the subconscious mind to find the root. Most secrets can remain buried, but some need to be uncovered, defused, and released. When the timing is right, energy healing techniques such as Reiki, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, and others can be helpful with processing.

All of my art can be printed on shower curtains, and I can design one just for you. Send me a message with a link to the image you like, I'll work up an example, and we'll go from there. See more angels, abstract art, and sacred geometry here.

If you resonate with "Under the Sea" and its message, it's also available as a photo print and stretched canvas print.

To see all of my energy art, chakra jewelry, night lights, canvases, and home decor, go here

When I create my art and when I wrote my illustrated memoir "The Attack: From Shattered to Whole", I not only experience a healing process within myself, but I also set my intention that there will be a healing, uplifting impact on viewers and the planet. My hope is that my art will have positive effects on the body, mind, and soul.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch.

All art and photography are the intellectual property of Laurie Bain Hamilton (Primalpainter) and are copyright protected by the United States Copyright Office. Downloading for resale, reproduction, and digital manipulation are prohibited but sharing is encouraged with credit given to Laurie Bain as the artist, along with this link:

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