Amethsyt Crystal Pendulum, Dowsing Tool with Metaphysical Art by Primal Painter - "Intuitive Heart"

$ 30.00

This unique pendulum combines the crystal energy of purple amethyst with the metaphysical energy art of Primal Painter. More than just a crystal, the combination of the energy-infused work of art in the pendant makes it an even more effective tool for accessing the wisdom of intuition. It has many uses for yes or no questions, for divination with a dowsing board, and for energy healing. It's important to develop trust in our own intuition, and the pendulum provides a visual manifestation of subtle energy, making it easier to interpret. 

Each amethyst crystal measures approximately 1.25 inches with varying shades of purple, white, and violet striations, and yours will be unique to you. The silver chain is about 6.5 inches long, and the pendant measures 1.5 inches across.

Amethyst is known for its ability to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition and lends its energy to the pendulum's movements, allowing it to guide you toward answers and insights. The pendant amplifies this connection, acting as a visual and physical catalyst by tapping into the positive energy and symbolism that are infused into the artwork. 

All of my art has a meaning: "Intuitive Heart" - In a world bombarded with misinformation and opinions, this image is intended to tap into the intuition of the third eye, (purple), the emotions of the heart chakra (green), and the truth in the throat chakra (blue) to more accurately discern fact from fiction in all aspects of our lives. Mandalas act as a bridge between the two worlds of the inner and outer consciousness. This mandala has twelve sections, and in numerology, twelve represents feelings and connections.

The artwork is a professionally printed miniature print of my metaphysical artwork.  See the full-sized image here, and if you resonate with this image, it's also available in other forms.  See more pendulum choices HERE

Most people like to hold the end of the chain between their thumb and index finger while allowing the pendulum to swing in response to yes or no questions. My favorite technique is to rest my elbows on a table or counter and press the flat side of the attached pendant against the third eye in the center of the forehead (the seat of intuition) which stabilizes the pendulum against unintentional hand movements. 

You'll need to program the pendulum to your own energy field by asking it to show you the movements for yes and no. For me, a vertical swing means yes, a horizontal swing means no, and a circular motion means the question needs to be more specific or that it can't be answered, and this can vary from person to person. 


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When I create energy art and when I wrote my illustrated autobiography, The Attack: From Shattered to Whole, I not only experience an energy shift within myself, but I also set my intention that there will be an uplifting impact on viewers and the planet. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of vibrations, tingling, or a lift in mood. My hope is that my art and words will have positive effects on the body, mind, and soul.

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All artwork and photos are the intellectual property of Laurie Bain Hamilton (Primalpainter) with all rights reserved. Downloading for reproduction, reselling, and digital alterations are prohibited but sharing on social media and websites is encouraged with credit given to Primal Painter as the artist. Use this link:

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