Your satisfaction is my primary goal, I want you to be happy above all else, and I'll work with you on any issues. All it takes is a message, and we'll figure it out. 

If there's a need for returns, refunds, or exchanges, I do require the item be shipped back to me first, preferably within a week or so, to prevent the rare fraudster from taking advantage. Fortunately, my customers are the nicest people on the planet, and I feel very fortunate to be part of this tribe.

Refunds can be for any reason, but you'll need to pay for the return shipping in the original packaging (if possible), and the product needs to be in the original condition and packed securely. For exchanges and replacements, we'll share the responsibility, and you'll pay for the return shipping to me, and I'll cover the shipping back to you. On the rare occassion, a photo print will be damaged during shipping, and you'll receive a replacement as soon as possible with no extra charges. Let me know if that happens and if possible, include a photo for insurance purposes.

I partner with a variety of print providers so the turnaround time will vary depending on the product, but it can range from one to three weeks. Many of my newer products are custom ordered just for you and shipped directly from the printing shop, but I always get a new product first so I can color correct any product photos to match the true appearance. Monitors can vary wildly in their color translations so take that into consideration if what you receive doesn't exactly match what you see on your screen. The upside of custom ordering as opposed to keeping big quantities on hand is that  it's much better for the enviironment. I like the thought of doing my part for the planet, plus, it's cool to think that comparatively speaking, there are only a few in existence so you have the chance to own a product featuring original art that few other people have

My business consists of just me, and your feedback is how I improve so feel free to share your thoughts, impressions, and questions. I see us as a tribe of like-minded souls with similar vibrations,  similar paths, and spreading Light and positive energy to ourselves and others as we travel through this crazy world. We're all part of The Big Picture, connected in more ways than one, and I'm grateful for you.