Abstract Studies in Energy Art

Laurie Hamilton

Creatively, I've been drifting for quite a while now, years even, with a noticeable loss of passion in life and a purpose that's become blurry. The gray zone, as I call it, started when my favorite romantic love, Aaron, was killed in a plane crash seven years ago. I didn't handle it well and lost some of my mojo. For years afterward, I'd start to get my act together when yet another death would knock me for a loop and back to square one. I'm not great at bouncing back from grief on a good day, but when multiple losses pile up in a short period of time, apparently, I become a steaming pile of goo. 

The good news is that even in the midst of the gray zone, we all have that tiny voice in the back of the mind that subtly points us in the right direction, and mine kept saying that this was a transition period, and when the time was right, something new would once again rise up to spark my creative passion. That little voice along with my daughter, Andi, kept my head above water, and I might have finally turned an artistic corner.  

I've become quite immersed with abstract energy studies where color, form, line, and most of all, feeling, direct the process. The energy feels primal and pure, and I like how it draws the viewer in to interact with the imagery through personal interpretations and energetic responses. It has a vibration that's finer, smoother, and goes beyond the literal interpretations and energy signatures of the angels, landscapes, and mandalas represented in my earlier work. It's challenging and pushes me to tap into the more subtle levels of energy, the foundation of it all. This new art style might just be another step in my creative evolution, but it feels good to reach that hypno-zone where hours pass by in what feels like minutes as I merge with the imagery and flow with it.

I'm not that good yet, but I'll get better and have already seen some refinement now that I have more clarity on the vision and purpose. When I look at my very first angel image from way back in 2010, I can see how far they've evolved over the years, and I can also see where I started to stagnate. Visual representations of creative evolution are quite illuminating, and I imagine this new art form will evolve over time as well. 

Explaining how I arrive at the end point is impossible because it just happens as I mindlessly play with the image, but I still seem to gravitate toward wing-like shapes. I would never be able to duplicate one or even come close, but I start with one of my previous images that already has an embedded energy signature and meaning. I then manipulate that image through the use of layering, warping, smudging, a vast array of patterned brushes, filters, and other things. Digital art is uniquely fast which makes it easy to tap into the intuitive flow of energy without needing to stop and squeeze paint onto a palette; it's pure energy, pure feeling.

This is one that I did the other day called "Twilight", and like all of my art, it has a meaning and a purpose. I think it's beautiful, and when you look at it up close, the subtleties of line, form, and color represent ethereal hints of energy. I listed it on my website which was a big act of courage on my part because it's always intimidating to put personal creative ventures out there for public scrutiny.

Here's another one that I've been working on today, and I love it so far. It's not done and doesn't have a name and meaning yet, although the psychic flash I got had something to do with the aura. The angels in my body of work always represented something that I needed or resonated with in the moment, so I'm sure these abstracts do as well. The message I'm receiving from this one is to tune into my aura to see if it needs some work because a  congested aura that's full of dark holes can be problematic on an energetic level. The second picture is a mockup of how it would look hanging on the wall which is helpful as a way to see what needs to be tweaked and adjusted in the composition as a whole. The composition definitely needs work, but those colors and lines are beautifully sensual and feminine. I like it. 

This new line of abstract energy studies would also look beautiful as shower curtains, clocks, and maybe even on clothing. The possibilities are endless. They aren't as in-your-face, psychedelic like my previous work, but for some reason, the more muted colors are appealing to me right now. I'm sure they're reflecting my own current vibration which is surprising because I've always been so obsessed with the brightest colors known to man. Am I growing up? Surely not, but this is definitely a new phenomenon. 

Check out the rest of my shop, and if there's an image you resonate with and would like it on a product I don't have listed, let me know, and I'll work up an example. The cool thing about special requests is that you would be the only person in the entire world to own it, at least for a while; I get a kick out of that thought. 

Until the next time I get that urge to write which might be never or tomorrow, have a good one.