Abstract Energy Art Red Necklace Reiki Pendant Chakra Jewelry Fuchsia

$ 25.00

This is an abstract red necklace in my energy art line of chakra jewelry. This reiki energy pendant necklace is an eye catcher and can be used for its reiki healing energy, it's color therapy properties, or just as a unique piece of wearable art.

All of my artwork is connected to the Source and is infused with the healing energies of reiki, light, and love for everyone and everything. It will be attuned specifically to you and your circle. Those who are sensitive to energy might feel it in the form of goosebumps, vibrations, tingling, or a lift in mood and well-being.

The image on this necklace is one in a series I've been working on that depicts alternate realities. I've been playing with the idea that there are many different layers of existence, with various alternate realities superimposed on each other, where we can be whoever or whatever we choose.

The color of this image is conducive to first chakra healing, which is centered around feeling safe, grounded, and passionate. If you're a person who responds to color therapy (aren't we all!!), red/fuchsia symbolizes awakening, it exudes power, energy, and a passion for life. It heals sexual difficulties, anemia, and circulation,

Size: It measures 1" in diameter.

Cord and Clasp: 17" (including the clasp) Black suede faux leather cord with an antiqued copper finished bali style hook and eye clasp. There's a copper wire coil above the pendant to hold it in place.

Setting: Antique copper finished brass alloy with a mandala design imprinted on the back.

Finish: The print is behind a magnifying clear glass dome which enhances the print. The image is professionally printed on iridiciscent paper, which deepens the colors in a vibrant way with an interesting flashiness when the light hits it just right. Even in low light it seems to have an inner glow.

Care: Water resistant but not waterproof

It will be mailed in a jewelry box through USPS First Class Mail within three business days of cleared payment.

If you like this particular image, it might be available in a variety of finishes and styles.

If I don't have it in your preferred finish or setting, ask me and I'll make one for you, but it might take a week or two before you receive it.

My hope is that the right person will find this pendant at the right time and it will have a positive effect in every way.

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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Some countries, (the UK, Canada, and more) may have additional customs fees and/or import/handling fees to pay upon receipt in your country. Please check into that before you order so that there aren't any unpleasant surprises!

All artwork, imagery, and image specific wording are the intellectual property of Laurie Bain Hamilton (Primalpainter) and are copyright protected by the United States Copyright Office. Resale, reproduction and reuse in any form or version including digital downloads is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by Laurie Bain Hamilton. Sharing on social media and websites is encouraged with this link: http://www.primalpainter.com

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